Qingming travel these sections should pay attention to

Tomb-sweeping Day is our Chinese nation’s traditional festival, we will probably be grave, hikers travel together, then road and road traffic, traffic will show a peak, is most likely to motor vehicle drivers speeding, overcrowding, fatigue driving, drunk driving time, security risks will be more prominent, vulnerable to traffic accidents. April 1st, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps issued Qingming Festival traffic safety tips.During the

– traffic, traffic flow surge. Xining, Huangnan, Hainan, Haidong surrounding area, and other personnel in Haibei Haixi return to Xining together, traffic will increase dramatically, road traffic congestion in Xining City, to ensure smooth pressure.

– the large Cemetery Road, especially around the city of Xining Lantau Peak cemetery, Xining martyrs cemetery cemetery cemetery, Xishan, people road traffic increases Chizuru cemetery.

– most of the self driving tourists to travel in and near distance; operating buses, tourism charter passenger traffic also will show a rising trend. Long distance travel, travel brings unfamiliar road conditions, vehicle failure, stop the road to ask for directions, reversing retrograde node congestion problems will increase.

– Highway: April 3rd is expected to 17 PM to 20 pm, Xining surrounding highway toll station will usher in the first peak, in April 6th 17 to 20, will usher in the return peak around. Daily 8 to 10 toll stations around the entrance of Xining, the daily toll from 17 to 20 toll stations will usher in a small peak today.

– easy to block roads

*: Xinghai road 214 line 313 kilometers to 327 kilometers (Elashan mountain), long distance continuous turning downhill, the road traffic accident occurred on the larger; * 214 state line road, 351 km to 335 km (Jiang Lu Ling Road), long distance continuous turning downhill; Xing sea to Tongde. Highway 39 km to 44 km, 54 km;

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