Xining city sanitation workers to move to the new home at the end of the year

these days, in an alley in the mill village in the city area, 2 6 storey building quietly built, white walls, bright house, smooth floor, toilet and kitchen in front of the building there is a Goods are available in all varieties., spacious parking lot. Who would have thought that this is the city to the sanitation workers in a new home, but also the province’s first sanitation workers apartment.

was able to move into a new home years ago!" Sanitation workers in the urban area of the clock or sitting in the dark old house, while washing vegetables and colleagues just chat about the day, talking about the new apartment on their faces are smiling flowers. Bell rose more than and 10 years ago came to Xining to do sanitation workers, has been rented in the basement, because the place is too small to put down a bed and a table, pots and pans and other kitchen utensils stacked on the table. These problems have moved into the new house to solve the." City District Urban Management Bureau Yang Hailong said, the sanitation workers for the public to create a clean, comfortable and beautiful living environment and working environment, and their living environment has been very poor, the construction of sanitation workers apartments will help them solve practical difficulties in life.

it is understood that the city has a total of 550 sanitation cleaners, and 80% from the countryside, they are responsible for the area of about 3000000 square meters of cleaning and cleaning work. Low income, home far, labor intensity is the most obvious feature of this group. In order to let the sanitation workers have a warm home, the city district government decided to invest 30 million yuan to build 2 building sanitation of public rental housing, to solve their housing difficulties, poor housing difficulties, after two years of hard work, the sanitation workers apartment building has been basically completed, is currently in the construction of supporting facilities.

in the sanitation workers after the arrival of the purchase of 2 commuter buses, commuting sanitation workers during the transfer." Yang Hailong said that by the time the workers carry their own luggage can easily stay. (author: Sheng Nan Zhang Yongzhi)

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