Spring Festival unannounced visits sounded the alarm style

During the Spring Festival in

work discipline is normal, whether the cadres and workers to enter the working state, the work style is good, window units service is satisfactory, for the masses to work whether warm reception. During the Spring Festival, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection thorough investigation, on the new year style "alarm", a problem immediately exposed, remind, warned Party cadres county and municipal units, with practical action to prove Xining in the style of the building will never end, and unremittingly attitude and dare to move really tough action "sword" determination, prison building style defense, to further promote the normalization, long-term oriented style construction.

during the Spring Festival, the City Commission for discipline inspection tours through the establishment of 11 thorough investigation group, from January 28th to 30 and February 7th to 14 during the day, taken without warning, without prior notice, assault chagang way, to the county, municipal departments, organs and units directly under the municipal, administrative enforcement, administrative examination and approval departments and the window units to carry out a thorough investigation. Focus on examination of late, leave early, off-site, Internet stocks, shopping, playing games, watching movies, chatting, playing chess on Gang problems and to inform the implementation of the system; focus on examination of buck passing, delay the acceptance, overtime management, shirk responsibility and other issues; the key to check the official car logo posted and sealed holidays executive system the implementation of.

from February 7th to 14, 11 a thorough investigation group continue to carry out a thorough investigation, found the district and municipal departments after the Spring Festival to work in good condition, various departments and units of the main responsible person can lead to comply with the work system and work discipline, has played an exemplary role better. The vast majority of units of cadres and workers to strictly abide by the attendance system, to work on time to work, full of spirit, work order, in good condition, can quickly into the new work. At the same time, unannounced visits found that individual units sector still has tardiness, off-site, work time to chat on the Internet; individual units to inform the implementation of the system is not in place, there is still to inform the staff cards marked inconsistent with the actual situation in the post; the problem of individual administrative service center service hall staff service attitude, efficiency is not high, poor state etc. Fangzu, proposed rectification requirements of the performance style problems have been found. City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued the notification requirements of the city’s districts and counties, departments and units to grasp the importance and necessity of the style construction of the full understanding of the new situation, the cadres and workers of education to strengthen the sense of responsibility and dedication, strengthen discipline consciousness and service consciousness, and improve the work style, improve work efficiency, to create a good atmosphere provided is the wind Su Ji can synergistic development.


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