Yan Jinhai stressed in the work of poverty alleviation efforts in Huangnan to identify the completio

for the further implementation of the province’s poverty alleviation work to promote the television and telephone conference and the Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Hao Peng instructions, July 13th to 14, vice governor Yan Jinhai of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Zeku Henan county two a detailed understanding of the characteristics of poverty industry development and infrastructure public service facilities. He stressed that precise poverty alleviation, in the right medicine, targeted therapy, identify the completion of the short board, a solid push forward poverty alleviation.

Yan Jinhai said that poverty alleviation education is the fundamental policy to cut off intergenerational transmission of poverty, efforts should be made to improve the conditions of poor areas of education, increase the education of children of poor families. To strengthen the focus on fostering industrial poverty, low cost, fast increase of industrial projects, and gradually expand the scale of planting and breeding characteristics, bigger and stronger organic animal husbandry industrial park, vigorously support the leading enterprises, "company + cooperatives + base + farmers" of the industrial development, efforts to enhance hematopoietic function. To focus on the development of the industry, targeted to carry out agricultural and animal husbandry skills training, and vigorously develop agricultural talents, soil experts, and strive to improve the employability skills and job adaptability of farmers and herdsmen.

Yan Jinhai stressed that to strengthen the infrastructure and public service facilities construction, accelerate the implementation of this impoverished village exit, supporting grid project counties Zhaimao and drinking water safety to consolidate and improve the project, effectively solve the practical difficulties of anhydrous village without electricity as soon as possible, "the shortage of water, poor road" this short board, to improve the environment for the development of poor areas.


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