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for the further implementation of the reform of the household registration system in the province in August 2nd working conference spirit, carry out the special meeting of the household registration system reform in August 30th, the spirit of the Xining Municipal Committee, Xining mayor Wang Yubo, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Su Rong, vice mayor Zhang Qian led the relevant departments on-site demonstration work to promote the reform of the household registration system, reform of the household registration system will promote the convening of. How to promote the reform to develop in depth.

Wang Yubo stressed that the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the Municipal Office of the city to change the work put forward a very high demand, the municipal government has changed the work of the people into the project for the year. We want to Time will not wait for me. mental state, be enthusiastic and press on to do good work, and ensure that the early completion of the "12th Five-Year done in one vigorous effort," 500 thousand people transfer target.

Su Rong presided over the meeting, the reform of the household registration system for the progress of Zhang Qian briefing.

participants watched the scene area north west apricot village, West District Peng Jia Zhai Zhen reform work. Wang Yubo fully affirmed the effectiveness of the work of the city to change the work. He pointed out that, at the beginning of the year 170 thousand farmers transfer target has been completed ahead of schedule, change the user work presents 2 major policy highlights and highlights the work of 6: at the policy level, one is the implementation of the village collective economic organizations to establish identity card, phase separation and registration of farmers retention system; two is the implementation of urban and rural life insurance and the social security system, the parallel single choice system. At the working level, is a pilot, two is reflected sound and prudent; clear objectives, the whole village orderly; the three level training, lay the foundation for security; four is to strengthen publicity, create a family changed atmosphere; five in-depth mobilization, to promote overall coordination; six is the reconstruction of combination, improve the level of development.

Wang Yubo stressed the need to truly reflect the fundamental purpose of the people to change the work of the masses. Change working families is an important starting point for urban and rural development, nature is not only changing the household property, but to promote the citizenization of peasants, let more landless farmers out of the countryside into the city to change their identity, work, life and learning. Wang Yubo requirements, thinking and understanding should be in place, the various regions, departments should personally grasp the work of the people to change the work, a comprehensive response to the concerns of farmers, solve hot issues, accelerate the pace of work. Objectives and tasks to be clear, and strive to complete the task within the next four zones and the Dongchuan Industrial Park, to achieve the goal of Zero agricultural population, the county’s efforts to achieve the goal of the transfer of 50% households. Responsible to ensure that, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, take the initiative as. Work measures to be effective, and continue to introduce a number of households in line with the actual policy changes. Inspection and supervision in a timely manner to ensure that the policy is in place, so that the majority of farmers to switch from the real identity to the production and life of an important change. (author: Sheng Nan)

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