This year conscription began in August 1st

this year, the national conscription adjustment for the recruitment of Qinghai province from August 1st, September 1st approved the new recruits on September 5th FOB recruits, conscription ended September 30th. Ordinary institutions of higher learning to organize college students in the college students before leaving the organization of primary inspection, preliminary examination and scheduled soldiers.


collection object and the scope of the age requirement, young male in 2013 at the age of 18 to 20 years old, graduated from high school educated youth can be relaxed to 21 years of age, students in Colleges and universities can be relaxed to 22 years of age, vocational (specialist) graduates can be relaxed to 23 years of age, bachelor degree or above graduates can be relaxed to 24 years of age. Young women in 2013 to 18 to 19 years of age, ordinary college students can be relaxed to the age of 20, ordinary college graduates can be relaxed to the age of 22. According to my voluntary, at least 17 years of age, high school graduates can be recruited into the army.

this year’s collection of objects, to high school (including vocational, technical secondary school, technical school) above the education level of young people, the highest approval of a high degree of education of young people to join the army to give priority to the recruitment of graduates. Collection of non-agricultural households youth, should have graduated from high school degree or above; youth for agriculture accounts, should have graduated from junior high school degree or above, and collecting priority graduated from high school or higher education of young recruits. The collection of young women, ordinary high school graduates and ordinary college graduates and students. 2013 has been accepted by ordinary colleges and universities and students are eligible to apply for college, can be approved by the army.

youth in my permanent residence for college graduates, college students can be located in the school, also can be in residence for the political examination, physical examination qualified and meet other conditions for the county (city, district) people’s Government approved the army conscription office. The time for the reunification of September 1, 2013 approved the army, the military service shall be computed from September 1st recruits. The term of active service of conscripts shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the military service law for 2 years. (author: Zhao Jing & Li Delin)


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