Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to provide professional services to farmers and her

in recent years, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau to further implement the "farmers professional cooperatives law", give full play to their functions, to further relax the market access conditions, standardize the registration examination and approval procedures, improve work efficiency, increase support for efforts to promote farmers’ cooperatives sustained, healthy and rapid development.
in the registration process, a registration window in the registration of the establishment of farmer specialized cooperative registration "Easy Access", an application for the establishment of a Book Review on the implementation of the registration of farmers professional cooperatives, as long as the materials submitted are complete and conform to the provisions of the registration shall be. The two is to broaden the investment way, every country not prohibited by laws and regulations are allowed as farmers professional cooperatives member funded, cooperative members can use the non currency property as real, agricultural equipment, intellectual property can be evaluated by currency and may be transferred according to law of investment; without changing the land, forestland property and use conditions, pricing you can use the usufruct right of contracting land, forest management rights and the right to use the land through quantitative investment. The three is to relax the scope of business, allowing farmers and herdsmen cooperatives around the farm and animal husbandry prenatal, postpartum, postpartum service, according to the law to choose their own business scope. Can be engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry production material purchase, sales of agricultural products, processing, transportation, storage and management technology, and members of the production information service related projects, can also be engaged in planting, animal husbandry, aquaculture production and management. Encourage the development of science and technology agriculture and animal husbandry, urban modern agriculture and animal husbandry, tourism, agriculture, animal husbandry and agriculture and animal husbandry and leisure tourism, expand the scope of operation of farmers and herdsmen cooperatives, farmers and herdsmen to increase income. The four is to support the use of the registered name of the geographical characteristics of cooperatives, to obtain ecological, environmental protection, green and other certification or certification, the name allows the use of ecological, environmental protection, green, etc.. Five of the farmers professional cooperatives do not charge, no penalties, no verification, no inspection, to the spirit of "coarse, wide should not strictly" principle, be arranged on-site guidance, active service, and actively guide the farmers professional cooperatives standardized operation, legitimate business, and strive to form a new model for the development of farmers’ professional cooperatives have region the characteristics of the.

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