Urban and rural areas of the east side of the building to help people

To carry out the party’s mass line educational practice, improve the party building work of urban and rural integration level, East District to "two to one", will the district authorities 30 grass-roots Party branch and region 15 administrative village Party organization in pairs, to strengthen the construction of rural grassroots organizations, improve the quality of Party members, Party members and the masses to promote income "for the overall goal, carry out the" hand in hand "to build Internet activities.

built village organization. Taking the mass line educational practice as an opportunity, the Party branch of the various organs from the training, education, supervision, incentives and other aspects to strengthen the construction of the village Party organization team. District Committee Party branch and village Party Branch Cao build party point of contact and liaison system, and arrange for 5 party members were contacted 5 Party Branch Cao Zhai village Party branch subordinates, in educational practice, and weak and lax regulation of Jin bit upgrade work to do the organizational guarantee for the village the "two committees" general election.

to solve practical problems. Combined with the advantages of Party organizations and Party members, in pairs to build targeted to help solve some of the villagers concerned about the hot and difficult issues and social livelihood issues. The District Court of Party branch to solve civil disputes involving the villagers and other issues, the legal aid service hotline joint village villagers, to provide legal advice and assistance to villagers; district development and Reform Bureau of the relevant departments of Party branch coordination area for more than 11 yuan for the joint funds of village clinics, promote the standardization of village clinics. To facilitate the villagers nearby for medical treatment, has won the praise of the villagers.  

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