The first provincial power outage emergency drills staged

Today, with the development of science and technology, people don’t seem to imagine what life would be like without electricity In October 22nd, the provincial emergency command center office sounded rapid ringing of the phone, "because of bad weather caused the fault has caused Xining City blackout, causing caojiabao airport, Qinghai Tibet railway traction station, sky chemical high risk large customer outage, and may lead to toxic gas leakage……" On the same day at 9:10 in the morning, in the scene of realistic, large area of our province emergency joint function exercises started, this is also the first national provincial and municipal blackout emergency joint disposal of emergency drills. The exercise simulated because of bad weather caused by power failure, resulting in the province suffered blackouts, Xining City West District, North District, Lake District and other multiple power outages, Xining, Haidong Prefecture airport, train station and hospital enterprise power, traffic chaos, residents trapped elevator, at the same time, due to a number of large enterprises blackout may cause secondary accidents. The face of the sudden accident, provincial and municipal emergency command center, public security, fire protection, coordination of power, water supply and other more than and 10 departments of health emergency response, the national network of Qinghai provincial power company sent the power car and repair team, to provide emergency power protection for key areas, emergency repair electrical equipment damaged; public security fire department notified the police in the main road traffic, to rescue the trapped people. The whole exercise process has been simulated in the real scene in an orderly and tense. It is understood that this exercise arranged by the National Energy Bureau, the provincial government unified deployment, according to the northwest energy regulatory bureau responsible person, has the characteristics of energy based power universal service, blackouts may cause traffic, security, medical, communications, water supply and other city lifeline into disorder, serious harm to the normal production and life of society order. Nip in the bud, strengthen joint exercises to enhance the comprehensive emergency response capacity of a large area after the blackout, the loss can be reduced to the lowest in the event of disaster. The Chinese Academy of Sciences University Emergency Management Research Center Director Huang Jun introduced, the drill with thin soft link in emergency response, examined in the blackout background, two provincial and municipal government between units, between government and enterprises, electric power enterprises and users between the linkage and coordination ability. Simulation of the scene in addition to affecting the city public safety, but also around the local power grid characteristics, simulation of major accidents caused by power outages, exercise a command system is currently the most complex, the social comprehensive emergency response capacity of government is also a big test.  

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