The province’s agricultural and pastoral areas to achieve full coverage of drinking water safety


reporter recently learned from the province’s water conservancy work conference, 12th Five-Year period, the province to solve the problem of drinking water safety of 1 million 624 thousand farmers and herdsmen, the basic realization of the full coverage of drinking water safety projects in rural and pastoral areas.

especially in 2015, our province agricultural and pastoral areas to solve the drinking water safety is "one of the ten practical livelihood, annual investment of 920 million yuan, completed 346 of agricultural and pastoral areas of drinking water safety project, solve the problem of drinking water safety for 448 thousand people. This is the largest number of people to solve the history of Qinghai, the largest investment, the fastest implementation of the year.

it is understood that this year our province will start the implementation of rural drinking water safety project to strengthen the promotion of projects around the precise poverty, to participatory precise docking impoverished village poor households. At the same time, start the construction of Mashenge sheep, Zha Mao reservoir irrigation project, accelerate the implementation of large and medium-sized irrigation areas focus on the rehabilitation and water-saving, continue to promote the construction of key water county farmers, concentrated in small-scale irrigation and water conservancy construction, accelerate irrigation solve the "last mile" problem.


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