Provincial CPPCC focus on the proposal to allow the proposal to move the landing sound

12 month 8 days, reporters from the twenty-two meeting of the Standing Committee of the eleven CPPCC Provincial Committee was informed that the provincial CPPCC proposals focus on the supervision of innovation, based on the implementation of key proposal by the vice chairman of CPPCC led supervision, various special committees and the democratic parties provincial supervision division, will focus on proposals for cooperation with "bimonthly consultation forum topics, promote the proposals for the results, at present, for all 8 key proposals to determine the end of year 2016.

Since the four meeting of the eleven session of the

provincial CPPCC, received a total of 410 pieces of the proposal to review the filing 323, the provincial CPPCC to identify major issues around the overall situation, the attention of members, involving the vital interests of the people, the establishment of key proposals 8, the focus of the proposal relates to people’s life, education, social legal system, ecological protection and many other field.

CPPCC proposals reflect the sound, the public opinion is an important platform, in 2016, the provincial CPPCC research will focus on handling the proposal echoes the bimonthly consultation forum topics on "white pollution, construction of beauty of Qinghai" and "strong Qinghai wolfberry industry" to carry out research and for consultation, held two times bimonthly consultation forum". Due to pay more attention to the combination of site visits and discussions, to carry out the key proposals for the review and consultation and supervision activities, effectively promote the proposal transformation, not only make the CPPCC members in politics results can be truly reflected, and also effectively promote the strengthening and improving the work units, people get real benefits.

"on the construction of white pollution beautiful Qinghai proposal" of supervision, the provincial housing and urban construction department submitted to the provincial government issued the "notice" of Qinghai province in agricultural and pastoral areas of waste management action five years work plan, carry out the work of environmental governance of the province, regulation of urban and rural "white pollution" carried out the arrangements. Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, the provincial housing and urban construction department, the Provincial Tourism Bureau respectively according to the duty, in combination with the actual situation, to strengthen publicity and education, strengthen supervision and management, the establishment of recycling mechanism, promote a mature technology, to promote the effectiveness of controlling white pollution.

in order to strengthen the proposal for the work, in 2016 the provincial CPPCC developed a proposal for the implementation of the consultation approach to provide a system guarantee for the depth of the proposal for consultation. From June to November, led by the supervision of the provincial CPPCC key proposal of the 7 vice chairmen were led by the special committees, the provincial CPPCC democratic parties responsible for the proposal, and some members of the proposal to the contractor, so do mention the two sides to promote consensus, solve practical problems, and promote the implementation of key proposals. Each undertaker attaches great importance to the proposal for the proposal, the proposal to adopt the proposal seriously, not only to reflect the achievements of CPPCC members to participate in politics, but also to promote the work of the relevant departments to strengthen and improve.

"as soon as possible to build two Dulan County Town Village Summer Kazakhstan livestock drinking water pipeline proposal" proposal, provincial departments, difficulty in drinking water problem as soon as possible to build Dulan County Town Village Summer Kazakhstan fruit rice Ashza, A Mu area drinking water pipeline to solve the region of the villagers. Haixi state government to actively handle the preparation of the Dulan County, Qinghai Province in 2016;

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