The province’s non public enterprises two universal work will be held in Xining

in August 3rd, the province’s private enterprises "two general" will promote the work of the meeting held in Xining Province, conscientiously implement the spirit of the twelve Party Congress and the National Union of two common work to promote the spirit of the meeting, review since last year the province’s non-public enterprises to promote the "two general" and "female workers work two, covering" study on the analysis of the situation and tasks facing difficulties and problems, arrangements for the deployment of the next task.

the meeting pointed out that this year is the province to implement the "two general" work objectives and tasks of the battle of the year, the province’s trade unions at all levels should conscientiously sum up the achievements and experience in the past, and further enhance the confidence and consensus; to the situation and problems facing two common work deep analysis ", further clarify the key to grasp the difficulties; regional and industrial base construction trade unions and collective wage negotiation as an important means to promote the two general"; the Industrial Park Development Zone as to promote the key areas of two general "; the labor dispatch enterprise will be built and dispatched workers to promote the focus of the two membership as a universal"; the the social worker team construction as a chemical will promote the important support of two general "; the county (city, district) and township (street, community) construction standardization Union As to promote the "two key links of a universal"; to carry out the "double bright" activities to promote the trade union organization to promote the image as foundation of "two general", accurately grasp and further promote the "two general" work arrangements and requirements, further focus on tackling difficulties, to ensure that the breakthrough, "two general" fully complete the objectives and tasks.

meeting the requirements of non-public enterprises in promoting the "two general" at the same time, the female worker organizations and female workers special collective contract effectively incorporated into the trade union work target assessment and "model workers", "harmonious labor relations in enterprises" to create activities, trade unions and women’s organizations to prepare, for production, "three simultaneous", the collective contract with the female workers special contract negotiation, signing, implementation, and strive to achieve the "three simultaneous" female workers to organize the two coverage reached 95% of the target task. Trade unions at all levels to seize the provincial government arrangements for the province’s thousands of cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment "opportunity, organize cadres of enterprises, give full play to trade unions" to promote the development of enterprises, the function of safeguarding workers’ rights and interests ", to build a harmonious labor relations. (author: Ye Wenjuan Xing Shengxiang)

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