Xining Xin music community red Friday activities to warm the hearts of the elderly

  "is Ding Grandpa at home?" On Friday (April 17th) morning, Xining City Mafang Street office Xinle community staff with milk and fruit knocked on the door of the elderly residents of Ding Zhansheng.

the door opened, the old man on crutches, quivering to open the door, community director Wang Xiufen asked: "Grandpa Ding, you alone at home?" If not finished, Ding Zhansheng’s wife came out from the kitchen, cheerfully said: "you come." This year 82 year old Ding Zhansheng is Xinle community residents, the elderly participated in the Korean War, from the west after retirement, has been at home. The old man in poor health, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, I can only walk on crutches, legs do not work." Although the old man in poor health, but also look good. See the community staff brought fruit, the old man said: "come, with what fruit." The mouth part, but the old man’s face music bloom.

last year, Ding Zhansheng old man suffering from cataracts, the children are at work, take care of the old two, although sometimes also can come back to do the cooking, but most of the time or the two old people at home. "My eye surgery, is the community staff back to help me do the formalities." Speaking of community workers, the two old people not to boast a few words: "we older people are afraid of loneliness, rare community staff often bring gifts to see us, but also from time to time to help us to do this and that."

music community from last year began to hold the red Friday event, specifically to visit the area within 80 years old. Xin Le community staff with all the residents of the area of information, one by one, now we have more than 80 years old area of the jurisdiction of the people there are 36." Said Wang Xiufen, director of community music.

red is the color of passion, where the red extends into love, warm the hearts of the elderly.


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