The end of the first day of the challenge

June 11th, the first ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric car challenge into the formal stage of competition, the Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja announced in Huangyuan stone square officially started.

in the morning, all electric cars starting from Xining to Huangyuan County stone plaza, in order to let the foreign guests feel the beauty of Qinghai folk culture and local customs and practices, officially started in Huangyuan County before the departure ceremony, specially prepared dancing performances attracted many foreign media, journalists and tourists. After the show, Gio de Maja announced the official departure.

after the departure ceremony officially began, the first stage game, nine days after the ball Pan Xiaoting, the famous director Zhang Jizhong, the famous actor Zang Jing Sheng vehicles appeared on the scene, the scene caused a frenzy. Then, the driver and the occupation of professional judges drove to meet with the audience, the first stage of the competition started. Although the rain slippery road, but the driver drove the vehicle to smooth, overcome the plateau gave them the first game of the gift. After the arrival of the inverted River, all the game began to charge the vehicle, the staff skilled to the car charging, the local people busy with the stars while the Group signed a close-up view of electric vehicles. The inverted Hakotoko Jiro sword scenic area is the second stage of the race, the riders still smooth driving in rainy slippery road, until the end of the game, did not appear any problems. Scenic Jiro sword to black river is the third stage, when the electric car into the black river, the road is lined with spectators of the masses. The fourth stage of the dark horse river to the bird island is the last stage of the day. In all day long after the end of the game, the riders on Bird Island, take a photo.

according to the organizing committee introduced, the entry of vehicles for Beiqi Saab EV and E150EV, BYD E6, Chery M1S15EV, MPV Ruiqi land ark fashion, this competition is not between the driver’s race, but the electric car between the performance of the game, on the day of the event include vehicle battery life, charging efficiency, acceleration performance, braking performance, silencing effect, control performance, technology elements, interior space, visual design in nine aspects. In addition, the head of the organizing committee also said that the game will be able to determine the outcome of the test 12 days after the end of the game. The results of these tests are completed by star evaluation, media evaluation, professional driver evaluation and vendor evaluation.

in addition, 12, in addition to the three stage of the game, beautiful Jinyintan prairie, Chinese National Symphony Orchestra held a "Green Lake Symphony concert. The concert will be the highest in the country to create a concert concert. By then, the famous pianist, universal artist Xue Xiaoqiu Piano Concertos, the world famous Chinese singing artist Mo Hualun, qinggesai champion Wang Qingshuang, two th qinggesai silver and CCTV-MTV Music Festival’s most popular singer Cao Fujia will sing live potential classic songs were played green harmonious movement. The concert theme is "plateau eyes", the concert is divided into "in that distant place," Plateau "eyes" and "sacred music", "beauty of Qinghai, flying Chinese" four chapters;

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