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if the xixingdafa can dominate the martial arts, so in search of martial arts, Shanghai has become the overlord of love. 2013 love Shanghai’s annual revenue has exceeded 30 billion yuan, accounted for more than 70% of the domestic search market is three times, second of the 360 search. The main source of revenue in Shanghai and love is the network marketing, further, is the search rankings. With the search for this "suck star big hair, no one can have the right to love Shanghai.

platform offers entrance

like Shanghai and Google algorithm adjusted, love Shanghai algorithm is much slower than the Google frequency adjustment. The algorithm of Google early in 2011 had a significant adjustment, there are nearly 20% of the impact of low quality content sites by adjusting algorithm. Love Shanghai for premium content adjustment is slow for a year. Begin to pay attention to the quality of original content from 2013. This adjustment is reflected in the love of Shanghai low quality content is almost close to the limits of the case made. The purpose of the adjustment is to let the low quality website ranking decreased before 2013, many low quality sites through the chain business can get good rankings, Scindapsus algorithm completely banned the chain business. The purpose of this adjustment is only one: high quality original content will get good rankings. We have many well known, love Shanghai’s profit mainly bidding, and to participate in the auction business, created in the content, also not bad. Now after the appropriate adjustment algorithm, the original content, you can achieve a good ranking, that is to say some companies give up bidding. Although I can not statistics, the number of enterprises to invest in network marketing in accordance with the logic thinking. However, net profit in 2012 and 2013 to love Shanghai flat, the author thinks that this algorithm for profit back, or have a certain effect.

at this time, Shanghai began to bite the effect of love. The so-called "bite" that is to say, when with a Juexue far ahead, this secret may damage their own.

algorithm offers profit

love Shanghai is undoubtedly the biggest Internet entrance, but love Shanghai is not outstanding Internet platform, although the Post Bar encyclopedia, library and other related products, love Shanghai, attracted a large number of users, but with the rise of social networking sites and mobile social platform, love Shanghai for the user stickiness weakened rapidly. Yes, we need to search, but we will not stay for a long time in the search. Essentially as an advertising company, a short time also means less advertising revenue. Love Shanghai in 2013.

"The Legendary Swordsman" for people, the word back should not be unfamiliar. Linghu Chong by chance in West Lake prison learned xixingdafa, with this Juexue, basically can dominate the arena. However, this often makes out the fearsome martial arts Juexue, has a fatal flaw: it is bite. Every time, will cause great damage to the body.

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