The eleven golden rules of Shanghai Longfeng novice

server program

short and easy to remember domain name proved to be successful website. Domain name to closely websites, remember, website and domain name is your brand. Encourage the use of贵族宝贝,.Cn..Net and other common suffixes, of course you have.Gov background, then you will be a little higher starting point. For the English website reflect the keywords in the domain, was shown to have no effect.

for each one according to his lights. Not a positive statement, the author suggests that the control is ideal in 5%-8%. Keywords should appear in the title, description, text title, text (in bold and italic, different font style emphasizes).

The design specification


six, the structure of the site, the station link

no matter how to program, template page should follow the norms of Shanghai dragon. Add DOCTYPE to the statement ", language encoding, add meta tags, attribute value using " ", try to give all attribute value assignment, add the alt attribute for the picture, structural elements output. Of course, we should also try to avoid the use of JS, flash, AJAX spider cannot index code. At the same time, "the size of the best control in the 50K, the smaller the better.

server and program stability is the cornerstone of all. The space of the famous business and mature website system is the first choice. Don’t just look at the space or server prices, product quality and work personnel conduct is very different. As for the choice of space and how much to It differs from man to man. program system.

Two, the domain name

the tree flat website structure, a home list page / index page page form.

, a preparation for

a good idea is essential, but that alone is not enough. The source of the web site content should be considered. In building site before, you should collect at least 10 industry portal and prepare 100 content pages of content. Why 100? Because of the CMS column now mostly default page display the contents of the 10, that is to say you prepared at least 10 column content. In this way, will not be at the beginning of the line on the website that browse is new (and why, see step eighth). Complete this course also includes the navigation bar at the bottom of the page content.

five, set


, three,

is using the "golden rule" instead of "principle" and "theory" and other words, is that although the author of these rules can be tested, Shanghai dragon is not science, it may also be competent factors. But even if not up to your expectations, the following rules also enable you to build a successful website in a short period of time.

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