Jiang Pingzhong do Shanghai dragon to find eight of the chain method

to create Blog in some high weight site, and enrich the content of the Blog, keep Blog content update, and then add a link to your site in Blog. Jiang Pingzhong here to remind the webmaster friends, don’t set up Blog immediately add a lot of links in the article, just completed the Blog Blog to be best loved Shanghai, grab the weight up, then slowly adding links in Blog, and adding a chain do not pile up too much, otherwise it will affect the chain of the weight reduce.

before we talked about the Shanghai dragon, Jiang Ping and we communicate mainly about two aspects of the content and the chain of Shanghai dragon. Of course, most of the current mainstream search engines, the quality and quantity of import links in the past, now even the future for a long period of time will have a significant impact on the ranking. Therefore, to establish a number of the chain as soon as possible is one of our most important work in the operation of Shanghai dragon.

actually, this method with webmasters. The webmaster can try to related website chain, so the effect will be greatly improved. For example, do the pharmaceutical industry, can go to the hospital, the doctor medical forum, the Forum Forum – forum. In B>

1, the use of soft reprint to get a lot of chain

actually, the chain is not quite so easy, after the establishment of a new station, due to the lack of weight, the content is not perfect, there are few old sites willing to exchange with Links. At this time, we need some tips for more outside chain to enhance the weight of their own website, the weight of up to a link exchange is easier, following Jiang Pingzhong and talk about Shanghai Longfeng looking for the eight method: chain

2, and non-profit organizations website

for soft writing, is often used in many webmaster. As Lu Songsong blog, why can have such a high index and flow? Because he will write text, written text is large reproduced, so improve website weight, website reputation certainly big.

4, some high weight forum signature

, for example, Jiang Pingzhong wrote the title today today "Shanghai dragon for a chain of eight methods such as these, the stationmaster is often a topic of concern, is also concerned about the Shanghai dragon industry topics, it will attract a lot of attention, and get a lot of use, so that we can get more external links.

3, create a blog the chain

can in fact, website and industry associations or non-profit organizations in Links when doing. The link weights of these sites are generally high, so this kind of website link exchange helps PR increased rapidly, so do Links and the same type of website is relatively easy to many, this is a very good means of Links.

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