Love Shanghai online website era original spark program


the third stage is the support of all the original site, at the same time increase protocol label.

but for the original identification, Lu Songsong is not too optimistic about the Internet every day, Chinese produced ten million level ", if an article appeared in many websites, how to judge the original? Especially for contributors, contribute to the large article ranking will be significantly higher than their station ranked better. At present, such as Sina IT technology, Sohu news media have the original logo, and give high weight.

love Shanghai in search results interface "XXX original articles" logo on the part of the site. This also means that the love of Shanghai said at the beginning of the spark plan has been on the line. But now the original logo appears only in the part of the news industry website, should be in the testing phase. But it is of great significance, marking the site of original era.

the end result is that the large industry of the original article weight more and more high, the small website about the "original" too early. It is not clear to love Shanghai original content is how to distinguish, welcome to

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! The first stage is to establish the original alliance

before the love Shanghai Spark Program:

According to the

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I love the Shanghai set up a "original alliance", the role of the alliance is not only to show the news media, in addition may also signed some agreements to suggest that those are artificial original articles, in order to avoid the copyright disputes.

Author: Lu Songsong, please keep the source

second stage focused on supporting the original alliance website, open and senior webmaster tools.

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