Keep the user browsing time to count every minute and second weight

two, clever implementation of internal links

how to improve the quality of content, or starting from the search engine, what kind of content is more quality. First, the content should be highly original, that is the original. The so-called original is compiled, the one and only the content (it is, although sometimes it is the one and only the pseudo original and original content, but there is a qualitative difference, absolutely not original). Not only need the original, but also need to have the quality, the most basic words and grammar logic fluency should be guaranteed. Second, the content must be associated with the theme of the site. For example, users expect to see is the construction site of the article, but after clicking all the talk is found throughout the website promotion content, naturally can not attract users interest, continue to view it.

website construction and website optimization, peer content and the chain a lot of people think that as long as do look up to as the standard, content and external links is enough. In fact, Shanghai website production company pilot technology (贵族宝贝>


, improve the quality of website content

Although the

content, but not all of the site, all content is very seductive. The implementation is that many companies or individuals on the site, in order to optimize and was filled with statements impassability pseudo original, or has nothing to do with the theme of the site content. The contents of this course, the user does not want to see. And if this content has been included in the search engine, search a large number of links to open the page, and then hurried off after a short stay. It is fatal to a website, the search engine will judge, this article is of little value to the users. No value to the site to the user, can not get higher weight and better ranking. So, the content is fundamental, to enhance the user experience, user access time to extend the most awesome way is to improve the quality of content.

it is very easy to understand, a substantial content and quality of the site, nature can attract users browse for a while. From the perspective of the user experience, a page design website content is weak crudely made, who is not willing to waste more time on it. The search engine seems to have noticed this, to be sure, Google and several well-known domestic search engine, has clear time access on the web users, into the scope of examination of website quality. Some say popular, if there is a way to get more users, as much as possible to browse web content, long time not to leave the site, so the site weight and ranking to improve is positive. How to retain customers? Quality content of course the most important, but I think, with high-quality content should also have ingenious internal links right, collocation and page design, suitable for user long striking color and structure layout.

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