What the most afraid of the cold Small warm to your heart function optimization

personalized custom menu this week has been optimized. Binding business platform will never have a conflict error problem, because code brother with a mysterious code to fix the problem calmly. Now, this function has been enjoying a carefree.


CMS of pig micro game share content is optimized. Fans in sharing games, sharing the title, description of the game and businesses set up the game content, maintaining a high degree of consistency. The optimal sharing function, help businesses to do micro marketing in the game, get better promotion effect.

tea!Share the optimization of

5. personalized custom menu optimization

this week we also derived SN code for the repair. For example, some businesses in the activities in the title add a comma, cause SN code error are met. After code brother overnight repair, this small problem has the perfect solution to the derived SN ~


1. micro gameThis week

2. SN code derived repair

Don’t give a response after

4. graphic reply keywords repair

channel two-dimensional code scanning? This guy was so bold! Mighty brother took the code keyboard a meal too hard, the channel of two-dimensional code obediently obedient. After scanning the two-dimensional code fans quickly get hidden information, experience the ultimate smooth, not the slightest hesitation.


CMS graphics system as everyone knows, the piggy back function, can set up multiple keywords, only separated by a space, can achieve multi keywords recovery effect. A buddy to reflect this boy occasionally lazy and do not work hard, have code brother quickly for the education of love. Now, set a number of keywords of text reply, can trigger the sensitive response. Work attitude is very correct, complete all the tasks assigned.

is this week all the optimization content. Today we put satisfaction? (this article from pig CMS website 贵族宝贝pigcms贵族宝贝/2016/update_0123/4455.html) (for more information please visit the official website of CMS pig service hotline: 400-893-5552 enterprise QQ 800022936 micro signal: pigcms micro-blog: CMS- pig across Hefei)

3. channel two-dimensional code repair

is the strongest cold, all ready to warm work? Don’t worry, after the pig CMS code brother industrious has prepared for everyone on the hot tea, warm stomach and ensure that we drink, comfortably warm! Kids,

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