How to put the site out of the love of Shanghai prison

4, then if your site is not released from prison that love Shanghai, to do the chain work here must pay attention to and increase their relevance of the chain, to clear the other site is friendly to fall in love with the sea.

1, when your site is in love with the customs up after the home you have to do is to check your site outside the chain of resources, especially the Links, because exchange chain after a long time, some sites will appear, so every day to check the chain is very necessary. A site should be removed Links problems timely.

Shanghai Longfeng friends will encounter a process of love Shanghai site is in custody, after 22 days of prison life, today was finally released from prison, before a lot of love Shanghai drop right processing method, and then we summarize today goofy, some methods can be used, some methods do not suitable for their own site, welcome to discuss:

3, the enemy does not move, I do not move, with the above 2 problems, you can not use what, this time do not modify the title of the site or page like, ah, if you are using zblog or WordPress station, don’t change themes.

2, update the content, to update the contents of love Shanghai look very heavy, if you do not have a site you want to update the contents, ranking good, really difficult, want to turn on the link to pull a station, a little difficulty, so you can properly update the content, also do not like the Internet in fact, you say every day, a week update once is enough (personal opinion), of course you update the faster it could not be wrong, goofy believes the update must be original, pseudo original is enough, if you only have a few sites, update the original course can, of course, anyway, we can’t take Shanghai dragon as Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon writing can serve as an interest, their experience within a certain period of time to share with you all, just mentioned on the URL front fly points Analysis, are summed up according to their own interests and share.

do the above work, you can certainly love from the site released from prison in Shanghai prison, please continue to pay attention to more original content English Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng blog www.wind.Net, AC QQ:754370310.

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