Love the sea Box Computing in requirement analysis summary


Box Computing’s goal is to provide search services based on a one-stop search box for users. For example, when the user in the search box input "If You Are The One", the system can clear the query for TV program video, film and video, find reviews, participate in discussions and view news and other needs, then these different needs to the optimal allocation of resources or application of content processing, accurate and efficient to meet the end these results show to the user demand. Figure 1 shows the "box" on query "If You Are The One met". From the above analysis, we can see that the first step is to identify the Box Computing, a query which has the demand, which is the demand analysis to complete the task.

recognition query demand, the easiest way to think of the check list. For example, all the films and TV series are collected, put in the table, as long as the user input the words in vocabulary can be identified by a query are looking for video demand. The advantage of this method is fast, but the disadvantage is obvious: first of all, this method can only be query divided into 2 dimensions, or video on demand, video or no demand. But a lot of video name has many implications, in the video above is only one weak meaning, if direct video demand will greatly hurt the user. For example, there is an ad called "love Shanghai", the ad may be more than 60% of users are not familiar with this, if more than 60% of the user input "love Shanghai", gives a "love Shanghai" video viewing results, the 60% to the user will feel very confused. Secondly, this method can not meet the needs of most users. Users in the search for video, expression is varied, such as: complete, soldier assault soldier assault HD, soldier assault company, the 3 query has a strong demand for video, but through the look-up table method, but can not identify the demand. Again, this method can’t meet on film and TV play the video on demand. Video demand is often more than the movies and television shows, a lot of things or popular news, has a strong demand for video. For example: Xidan girl, boy in Zhongguancun, the Diaoyu Islands collision, shelling, the majority of users often have to view the video demand. Finally, this method is lack of predictability, identify the number > query

Figure 1

demand analysis is Box Computing the entrance, because only the analysis of the demand of query, in order to better show the corresponding results to meet the needs of users. Therefore, the demand for query analysis more accurate, covering query, the user’s satisfaction is greater. Demand analysis is the most important in the calculation of frame as well as the most difficult part of.

"If You Are The One" Box Computing results

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