Two children search engine marketing Shanghai dragon and PPC

was going to do Adsemer search marketing technology blog, office manager in certain network company, every day nine to five "mechanical cycle", it is time to let me have more time to concentrate on studying bidding technology, as is the Shanghai dragon origin, so in the actual operation for every hour and moment don’t feel many similarities between the two and the beauty of the


reasonable and smooth degree, the number of red to highlight the advantages to attract.


said some exchange PPC and Shanghai dragon next to the mainstream search engines love the sea, love Shanghai phoenix nest system bidding is a frequently used domestic PPC practitioners most PPC ad delivery system, we advertise in fact there are a lot of factors and links are interlinked with the Shanghai dragon.

search engine marketing two major carriers: PPC and Shanghai dragon, I used to put them into two "children of search engine marketing". Shanghai dragon can be said to be a qualified website of the qualities and have to do the work, because it is self ecological circulation system of a website; PPC is the most direct and efficient way of marketing, because of its high flexibility, can be directly in front of the most immediate needs of the vast search "for the display of your marketing campaigns, adjust marketing strategy, immediately show! Shanghai dragon and PPC complement each other, Shanghai dragon is a long-term operation of the battlefield, good long powerful! PPC instant strong, long-term and short-term, such as self! Is about an advertising return on investment (ROI)

search marketing!

where there is a market where there is a business model, search engine business model of the three party constitution are: search engines, businesses, there is a demand for Internet users and Internet search engines! Not to mention, this one we focus on business, the biggest difference lies in the marketing and sales marketing is the first demand more products and services, sales is the first to sell products and services. The search engine appears to completely break the inherent rules of the game, we can see through the search engine to search a variety of needs, of course, is more important for a variety of our existing products or services related to the demand, we can expand the precision marketing based on these related to our products or service needs

for example, we often increase in Adsemer bidding in technology course requires several high-quality creative characteristics with:

search marketing is the most direct and most effective way of marketing, after the search engine under the influence of the times, the Internet has the search engine will can’t help as an Internet first entrance, so people have a "demand" through the search engines to search the breakthrough, find the things they need, to meet the requirements of search your. Where there is market demand, behoove search engine will become the biggest demand distribution, an accurate market demand is the biggest internet.

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