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4 in the sitemap map produced when we encounter a situation, that is when we delete has been submitted to the Shanghai love page, often there will be 404 pages, the main reason for this phenomenon is also delete page without deleting the sitemap map URL parameters.

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2 in the dynamic page of the site, the URL sitemap parameter appears often mixed with some special symbols, such as mark, such as equality, the use of these symbols is not conducive to the production of sitemap map, so if your web page is not pure dynamic, so for some special symbols we can dispose of the special symbols change the way.

1 if your website is engaged in information, like the novel site, because the site itself is relatively large, so when making maps need to select TXT format. But that is not the way to advocate, the reason is very simple, TXT format can not set the frequency of updates, only when the page structure is more complex to use, in most cases still choose to use the XML format sitemap. For you say love Shanghai using the Html format of the site map, Google G using Xml format can follow the site map can also use the XML format.

3 sitemap when there is a need to pay attention to the principle, it is possible to the top of some important parameters of URL on the map, because of the spider crawling is from top to bottom, if you first several URL errors or is deleted, it is not conducive to the spider to grab content, so we should according to the actual they will be important, channel page or column page is the theme page in a relatively important position, which is beneficial to the spider crawling and indexing.

on the site map definition I do not want to say, it is useful for the search engines, especially the station and a new station, set up the website map is quite necessary, both included reducing the assessment time or the original article, for the map can not be ignored. But for such an important point, some new friends basically have no concept of a system, it is not know what should be paid attention to create a Sitemap map, I summarize according to their own experience to share with everyone.

5 update frequency and weight settings have some friends blurred, in my own experience, I suggest new sites to avoid more problems, try to choose the cycle is longer than daily, so the operation difficulty will be smaller, the weight can not blindly believe in all settings for some veteran advice 1, after all, sitemap is aimed at the distribution of weight in the station, so for some want to focus on the promotion of the page to give relatively more weight, and for some of the pages can be of no great importance "lighter at reason", even is set to 0.

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