What makes the user on your site to say goodbye

well, in front of no problem, find the user demand content, but the user must register to see, or just need to register to enter the website. This depends on whether your site is user registration, the registration is very troublesome, there is no absolute demand no one will fill in the form.

Not only do

a wood Shanghai dragon is not love, audio and video can have, this is no problem, but when you want to allow the user when the don’t want to turn off the audio. If you force users to use audio or video, which is equivalent to the user, or listen to or go.


Compulsory registration


navigation, nor to pop, users can find good content, but did not find a good, find a mess, could not find the appropriate content. 50% of the loss of customers because of the appropriate information, did not find the Internet, you more than this one, the user does not need to spend time on it. So we need a good location of your own website, and the core content of site layout to an important position, so that users can quickly find. Shanghai Longfeng wood to recommend Google browser size tools. Through it, the user can obtain the average percentage in any page visual range, the webmaster can adjust the page element placement, and ultimately to improve the user experience to.

forced the use of audio or video

advertising clutter

needless to say, the user is certainly not love all out of order advertising, website advertising, a website itself is an advertisement, but how to be reasonable, do not get some pop, especially auto refresh pop, you think of your users will be interested in advertising, but the result is the user Say Goodbye.

bye? bad navigation design

website optimization on the search engine of Shanghai Longfeng, more to do the UEO of the user, even if the Shanghai dragon will be the site of the rankings do go up, at this time if the user does not love, ranking will fall. Then step back, even if the ranking is stable. If the user jump out rate is high, is just an empty shell, wood dragon Shanghai today and together from the user’s point of view about what makes users on your site


navigation is bad, the user can not find the north will definitely leave the site navigation to eye-catching and clear, and the best use of text instead of images or FLASH. And to use breadcrumb navigation (Breadcrumbs), allowing users to understand the site location and not lose direction, and is convenient to the parent page and starting point. The home page site navigation to highlight the important content, do not put some of the best things of no great importance, content available to users.



content structure is badGood


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