Shanghai Longfeng strategy website structure optimization

some factors affecting Shanghai dragon ranking, website structure is one of the main factors, I combined with his years of Shanghai Longfeng practice today, to optimize the structure of the website can bring us benefits:

5, the internal anchor text control: optimize the structure of the website, we can reasonable the anchor text layout on the page and the anchor text is more important keywords ranking factors in. So try to choose keywords strong correlation when anchor text.


4, H1-H6, B, the use of labels: STRONG, ALT, TITLE label design, the importance of website structure optimization we can make content through the label, each page H1 tag appears only once, the reasonable use of H2, H3, B, STRONG, ALT tags.

website optimization can bring us benefits: 1, enhance the user experience, increase website 2 included the number 3, page 4, weight transfer internal anchor text control 5, use the label; the above is my personal understanding, welcome exchanges and mutual complement, QQ:18196892 version of the right to show her all network (www.sheshows贵族宝贝) reprint, please indicate the source, thank you

2, increase the website included quantity: the increase in the number of sites included a part on the quality of content, the other part depends on the structure of the site; specification standard static URL address, URL, using a tree structure of the internal network, let the spider crawling more easily, improve the efficiency of capture.

1, to enhance the user experience: the user visits a website, speed is the first feeling, site structure clear and concise will make the website open faster. The second is the site navigation links, reasonable navigation architecture can (main navigation, path navigation, navigation, TAG classification label, site search, site map), describing the text accurately, will allow users to quickly reach their desired page. Good user experience of the website, the search engine will be more affected by love.

3, web page weight transfer: Web page weight lifting part on the chain, the other part by internal links; site structure and link relationship will give clear page contribution weight. A web site from search engines to get a lot of free traffic, requires the site with high ranking ability, high weight website has advantages in obtaining the ranking; so do website structure optimization, reasonable for the home page, page landing page, these important page link planning, the page ranking ability.

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