Some knowledge of Shanghai dragon white hat and black hat

black hat black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, white Shanghai dragon is the same, on a normal commercial website and most personal website, good content, normal optimization, focus on the user experience, it is the road to success.

I think no matter is white or black hat, all have its desirable place, according to the site situation analysis. As the electronic commerce website for talent network recruitment network that mainly rely on the network for marketing, the stability of the site is very important, the need to achieve the optimization effect by means of white hat. The white hat Shanghai dragon is concerned about the long-term interests. The white hat Shanghai dragon takes a long time to insist on the website of the website frame, keywords, website content, outside the chain, in strict accordance with the rules of search engine to achieve a reasonable optimization to improve the user experience, reasonable interconnection with other websites. At the same time, the website content updated continuously. Although the optimization time is long, slow, but to ensure the website to show the effect and increase the weight, rankings and other aspects of the growth rate of the stable, which is not a floating, can be very good to attract traffic, do not worry because the website of Shanghai Longfeng illegal operation was right down.


often works very fast, low implementation cost, the problem is the probability of being discovered and punished is very high, but also more and more high. Once being punished, the entire site often had to give up everything, to start again. Length >

came from Shanghai dragon, white hat and black hat optimization optimization is the webmaster for search engine optimization means. The so-called white hat is through the website optimization and promotion, to make links to website long time of information update, optimization, do everything possible to avoid the risk of the K website is a way to search engine optimization; black hat is the opposite, is the black chain, using the tools of mass chain cheating to realize the optimization of website.

Black hat

in addition to conventional electronic commerce website, and some to profit by the Internet, for example, Taobao game Sifu site site, these sites are the focus on love Shanghai website, once the search engines to crawl, was immediately K. They don’t require long, these sites need only through the black hat cheating, website ranking will be a short time on the line up. If the keyword row up in a short period of time, can bring the objective of profit, as the subsequent site operation is not so important. However, not only these illegal and sensitive sites, many sites will be used. The black hat Shanghai dragon means, experienced owners continue to experiment, to try a search engine’s bottom line, so that the white hat Shanghai dragon continues to progress, provide a lot of guidance value for the.

white hat must spend more energy, but does not guarantee that the one hundred percent can make a successful web site, but also relatively white hat more secure, if successful, can maintain the website ranking and traffic, has become a high quality assets.

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