The differences between the web site keywords ranking key management to achieve high quality

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three, according to different majors and different name >

different sites have different focus, and most of the owners in the choice of keywords will choose the industry with a relatively high degree of search words, and these words will not be able to choose all the choices, we must learn to distinguish. For example, the word "lose weight", a lot of hot words are associated with weight loss, let us look at the relevant keywords

website as chief business not skilled in the operation of the process leads to the website keywords to guide the flow is not smooth, the development of many websites has stalled, and want to solve this problem we must in the website officially launched before the classification of industry keywords, keywords pinpoint their location, can not think of a web site keywords contains the entire industry and this is not realistic, the following specific keywords to talk about how to distinguish the website by keyword classification, quality management to achieve better search engine rankings for the web site.

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believe that we can see so many heat keywords are the weight loss industry force, but our website can bring these words are included? This is obviously not realistic, so we need to heat the precise positioning of your web site keywords. Choose the method of weight loss diet pills, diet products so it is best not to choose these words, we do not want to brand website, on top of this high breakthrough must be accurate positioning. If you chose to lose weight fastest cheats, then I think the above words are not suitable for you, you are only suitable for the word, if you want to do something else, I guess you would find nothing.

heat and weight loss according to the keywords market heat Most of the

now love Shanghai to promote the bidding is very hot, just search a word can see auction ads, so also for our keyword brings some difficulty, to know that a user enters search engine first to see the site should be ranked in the top three websites, the website traffic is getting more, so we in the choice of keywords when it must be linked with the Shanghai promotion for love. If you want to do medical related words, then you should see whether this kind of medical treatment keywords have more than 3 for promotion, I suggest the best choice if there is another word, because there are 3 promotion bidding on your site before the line exists, so after your site rankings maybe there will be more promotion for you, the keyword is worthless. Another point is that we choose the best words look like Shanghai the upper right corner of the existence of certain promotion website, if there is to see whether the keyword Click to enter these sites to observe these sites is in line with the theme, if the upper right corner there are 5 such sites with your keywords, but I think we are competitive the other party, can give up.

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