The audience is the core factor of website ranking

addresses the needs of the user site usually ranking are good, and the network users billions of people to meet the site the user is always a minority. The site is not possible because of the needs of minorities and destroy the needs of the majority of people, so I think that address the needs of users to the website ranking, but also not the decisive factor.

user experience is the main direction of the work of the algorithm change after website Shanghai dragon Er, because we know a good user experience of the website ranking promotion effect, which is why website ranking. However, I do not think it is the most core factor, we may wish to look at the search engine ranking results, a lot of top-ranking website the user experience is not very good, so the author’s opinion, the user experience is a key factor to affect the site ranking rather than the core factor.

site audience mainly refers to users is a real user traffic. The audience determines the website ranking, the audience, the audience rose less, ranking drop. So I think the audience is the most important factor to quickly decide website ranking, especially for keywords has been involved in the algorithm is more so on. Site audience contains new users and old users, the website of Shanghai dragon Er to do is to add new users into old customers; retain old customers that enhance the user browsing rate.

users search experience recently leading search engine algorithm the author Dennis trend, have been emphasized user experience is important for the site conversion rate. In the website optimization project, the most intuitive reflect the site keywords ranking, the real impact of the core factors of the web site keywords ranking is what? Is the user experience? Is the website weight? With this question and the author Dennis together into today’s experience on website optimization is the core factor of website ranking.

look at your weight, in our understanding of the website weight evaluation of search engine for website quality, the higher the weight that website quality is better, in the ranking of the front. However, the author found that when the site keywords in the top 20, will participate in the click algorithm, then the algorithm will break the weight limit, the click rate of the site will move forward, and zero or low click click on the website with the next update is thrown out ranked it is difficult to maintain stable.

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