Shanghai dragon and network promotion is a high or a combination of

Shanghai dragon

network is to promote the use of the Internet for promotional activities. Can be targeted to promote products, enterprises, governments and individuals. According to the relevant data show that 2009 Chinese survey 93% of companies had tried to promote the network, while the developed countries only 16% in foreign enterprises. The study says the Internet is still in its infancy Chinese.

from this situation, our Shanghai dragon is perfect and we network promotion together. The construction site, at the same time, Shanghai dragon website optimization into, any industry website, any location site pre proposal to put Shanghai Dragon Investment Optimization, is very small, but a great return. Later website operation, we use various means of promoting the network to achieve our goal, we make the station as soon as possible as we.

is search engine optimization. Popular understanding is: through summarizing the search engine ranking rule, to optimize the on site, make your site in Shanghai and improve the noble baby ranking, let search engine to bring you customers. Profound understanding is: through the Shanghai dragon such a set of ideas based on search engine marketing, provide the ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand earnings.


network promotion and more diversified ways, such as our quiz promotion, advertising, instant messaging and our latest micro-blog promotion, and network promotion and Shanghai, the biggest difference is the network promotion is brought about by the flow, do not rely on search engines to have more people know our website, never a constant stream of traffic, making the overall improvement of our website weight. Especially for the small and medium-sized enterprise marketing has opened up a new promotion way. A how to occupy the market and brand promotion, in the initial stage of entrepreneurial marketing products, profit model. The rise of network promotion makes more small and medium enterprises in the face of large enterprises can not be extruded to save money down on the case, in a novel way to marketing themselves out, to avoid the disadvantages of lack of funds, weak brand, the company has grown marketing success.



Shanghai dragon image is also deeply imprinted in the hearts of most of us, because most people are still on the Shanghai Long Fenglai gets most of the traffic, and I think we should be using Shanghai Longfeng do internal optimization, the chain and some contents are written in a solid, and part of the trans Shanghai dragon? Most of us may still sign at the forum posting and blog to do some outside the chain, in fact, external optimization is the chain of Shanghai dragon, in a word, the core part of Shanghai dragon should be the construction of the chain. So every day the chain is actually very tired. And sometimes the search engine is not very stable, so we can use the Internet to do auxiliary promotion.

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