The chain construction site plan

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The construction site of

chain is an important factor of website optimization ranking, due to the construction of the chain requires not only the quantity, quality, and related site outside the chain is not only conducive to the search engine to crawl web pages to enhance keyword ranking, secondly it is also a lot of website content update, but snapshot update cycle stability. The website construction of the chain strategic plan is essential in website optimization, how to implement good site outside the chain construction plan

Links platform: many Links platform can not only add to their website outside the chain, but also helps us to seek and site theme related websites Link exchange.

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tools / materials


Forum: the forum account name to the domain name of a website or website keyword, second to do BBS forum personal character signature and related information, in the post process should pay attention to the contents of the forum forum post skill.


platform to love Shanghai in particular their related products, so do the correlation question class promotion, not only can promote the enterprise website brand, method of second is the site of the construction of the chain.

The optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain


down the right site topic: 2015 the most useful website drop right, K>

classified information website: classification information website is very good for the website long tail keywords ranking effect, many domestic classified information website information included, keyword rankings are good, this is a method for the flow and the chain construction.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

The construction site of

method steps

high weight blog: in the construction of the chain, but also to the blog website theme as a fundamental, blog title and description should complement each other with the website keyword and description, the second column, blog content should also follow a certain site layout optimization standard, from top to bottom, content and the construction of the plate from left to right the rules.

site outside the chain construction method, then we can also according to the competition for the chain chain construction, the construction of the chain resources integration is good, do statistics related links included effect, then the chain construction site should also follow the law of increasing stability.


special chain optimization:


chain can be through the following platform: 1, high weight blog; 2, forum; 3, classified information website; 4, Q & a platform; 5, Links platform; 6, recruitment information platform; 7, video sharing platform; 8, yellow pages.

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