The details of the user experience of the website analysis of fiction

title page design


screenshotThe navigation part screenshot The main part of

to compare two novel sites, you will find some similar plate design, such as: author, mobile phone reading client, because the navigation part is too long I will not screenshots. Analysis of fiction website user groups, those readers who love to read novels, the most concern is most in need of what kind of website? First, many long term novel fans have to write their own impulses, it is actually very easy to understand, because the stone had more love to see suspense novel. Wrote some short stories. A novel kind of website to firmly grasp the user’s heart to the psychological analysis of users, second mobile phone client, in fact many novel fans have read the novel by mobile phone, use the computer to read novels really not much, because we all love reading novels in the car spare time. If you cannot use mobile phone access to the website, you will certainly lose a lot of users.


: a starting point Chinese network navigation part

Hello, I am a rock. Remember from what time to start a mobile phone to read the novel became a kind of fashion, 80, 90 after the number of mobile phone party with a little spare time reading the novel, what, what the comprehension class fantasy novels etc.. With the increase of novel fans also gave birth to more fiction website, is the starting point Chinese network of the cattle, but need to spend all sections of registered members to read a novel, which makes many readers from grass root. Shanghai Longfeng is to do user experience, user experience and content too much, a lot of details that decides the user experience of the website, then the fiction website should pay attention to the details of what the problem? The stone from the three aspects of simple analysis, something.

first, fiction website navigation

17K novel networkFigure four:

starting point Chinese net title page design

functional design fiction websiteFigure three:

carefully looked at the front page design of these two novel sites, in fact very different, people thought the main experience in the title page and the article page fiction website user experience design, the two page should be users spend most of their time. Because.

navigation can also place some web pages such as 17K novel network of "literary League", in addition to the main navigation, navigation usually shows some popular fiction classification or writer. Convenient site visitors find the novel, but the starting point novel web page search box design is not conspicuous, looks a bit rough, some beautiful search box can be designed. The two novel sites belonging to the industry very Niubi, want to do good fiction website user experience can learn from.



Figure two:

17K novel network navigation part

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