The first page Links plus website page anchor text combination analysis

(blog Chinese stationmaster net on this site is owned by a total of 6000 of the



1. through the two level domain name page do friends chain:

analysis of three examples: the first is the famous brand, we use it to provide the chain analysis tools, as well as mailbox.

: a case analysis to our webmaster network Links, whether there is the point above.

analysis of two examples: 1. of the weight of this website is 8 is a well-known brand (I believe you have been useful it’s products, without the use of blog is also useful to the mailbox, his two domain name page put a China webmaster Links) (home)

2. anchor text links

Figure two: the


The weight of Figure three: the

source, and the source address of

problem: whether can exchange platform through Links, in the Link Exchange page at the same time, also stood in the exchange, relevant keywords to add anchor text keywords. (I Kian, two station swap their articles, or reprint each other two articles, other keywords select home chain of words, this combination can get their three effective chain)

The analysis of

1. exchange chain website of the other side of the 8. page put a webmaster material Links.

1. is the keyword plus pure web site, through the analysis of the Shanghai love chain is the chain of


Figure 1:




good Links, can transfer the weight better, better by the user through the study on love, love Shanghai chain analysis tools. Following from several small talk about new thinking will Links exchange. At present, most of the webmaster mainly through the Links exchange platform, exchange Links, as is the exchange with home page, often get only one possible keywords anchor text links. Also added a chain for the website.




2. pages:


station (within the page in the chain analysis of love in Shanghai, a total of 49



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