The true essence of the 404 page guide loyal users


many webmaster think 404 page should be used for shielding robots, because there is no shielding might make search engines crawl the page to repeat too much, only a 404.htm page in fact webmaster can shield, and other users to access the error pages or dead links page cannot shield, only by observing the IIS log. Are relative to the screen, such as some of the wrong address because of external links, originally published in Shanghai 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ link is the dragon, the chain is written in 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/se, missed a letter, the spider will crawl to this link, this error is likely to be included in the search engine, so for the 404 page personally think that is no way to shield.

404 page is not difficult, it can almost grasp the operation. For the production of 404 pages, people don’t need too fancy, should be combined with its own website theme to make, especially about the conversion rate of the site, should be more careful consideration, a little negligence, making the page is too deviation, may let the user have the feeling of distrust is very important for the user; the first feeling of the site, once he recognized, so the chances of success are very high, if you for some user consultation website and insufficient, the chances of success are greatly reduced, no matter how you interpret it, he will have some suspicion and distrust.

two, whether to automatically jump to the home page

website dead links and error link is difficult to avoid, in the station of the website will be deleted, leaving many dead links, the main sources of error in the chain link is released in May because of the wrong or missing some of the characters which link can not be accessed, when a user visits a website, there are 404 page friendly, so no matter is dead link or wrong links, can be very good to guide the user to enter the site, can be said to produce 404 pages of a great performance is to enhance the user experience, is an indispensable part of the site.


for the 404 page is set automatically jump to the home page, the more controversial, some of that jump to the home page to page weight increase, some of that jump time should not be too fast, the time should be 10 seconds.

, if you need a shield with robots

observation of many large websites, 404 pages of their production are different, sina is 5 seconds to jump to the navigation page, Admin5 is not set to jump directly to the 404 error page; for 404 pages, Shanghai dragon ER there are two main problems often encountered, a 404 page is the need for shielding robots, the two is whether to automatically jump to the home page, the following said his for a view of these two aspects:

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