The website snapshot whether you are the one

in fact, no matter what kind of reason, I want to say is how to deal with the website snapshot backwards, I think this is a point of the vast majority of the webmaster friends concern, so I also put forward some suggestions to.

said the snapshot of this thing, I will have to mention in a month ago that love Shanghai big adjustment, according to incomplete statistics, at least there are nearly 10% sites by the algorithm are more or less affected, the snapshot situation. What is the reason that the large area of snapshot? Blog Xiong Wei made a bold speculation, the reason is likely to be the following:

1, check the site itself if there is excessive optimization, excessive optimization site is the most likely cause.

is relatively more inclined to this view, although Shanghai’s official love has been emphasized for the high and low weight update speed and can not represent the snapshot of the site, but in the actual process of the sort we can be found, usually lower on the front page of the snapshot is basically within three days. But most people including myself also believe that the snapshot backwards, it means that the precursor site is love Shanghai right down, so under normal circumstances there is no large-scale website snapshot backwards, only love can hurt by Shanghai algorithm to adjust the explanation.

since the injury, it is inevitable result. In front of a few months, Shanghai has to love many algorithms large changes, and the love of Shanghai is very large area snapshot backwards because the adjustment algorithm produces results. Screening again on the site.

love Shanghai snapshot of this problem, I also asked a lot of my friends, they found in this week does not update the gun, I’m the only this website is love audition as "lucky", but have to say that my luck really is not "good".

, a Shanghai

algorithm adjusted results


Two, algorithm to adjust the fire of loveMy personal

as everyone knows, every Thursday is basically love Shanghai update day, on this day I will come trembling, I do not know that this update will have what website will be relentless spread. Perhaps the good luck, long brother on site are not what is particularly great, but in these two days, the bad luck has finally come to my head.

in October 24, 2013 is about ten o’clock in the morning, a website snapshot I do in the downturn, the first snapshot is just back to a week ago, with the passage of time, in the afternoon when the snapshot has the correction to the last year, but up to now, already turned into a snapshot October 15, 2011, please see below:

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