Keyword ranking optimization analysis for the website Web site later

third is a web site outside of the chain returned to the site high weight

see through their website content update, not many, every day the number is based on the 1-3, but not only original, but also completely related and website theme. Besides no other industry or consulting content updates.

second blog more complex, we can see that this blog is a new old station, it is not related to the chain and now many website theme. But obviously, it has not done much nearly half a year of promotion, but the weight is large, has been wandering in the first two pages. This can be seen in our website in the construction of the chain, in the absence of resources, you can first wide net, talk about correlation. This is a

from the construction of the chain was not to do within the chain construction, but can be seen in their published article, do the anchor at the bottom of the website home page title part keyword. The unconscious state of anchor construction, it is natural to weight directly to the inside pages of the direct transfer to the home page.

optimization is fierce words, in love Shanghai, love Shanghai attack products and the authority of the portal, Wp has two independent blog regularly on the home page. As an independent blog, according to many of my friends said in the search engine algorithm will weight low, this is a disadvantage. But this does not affect the two site keyword ranking love Shanghai. This letter summarizes this analysis:

A competitive

second is the inside pages to the home page weight transfer

is the fourth span of the web site of the chainThe chain

content associated with the theme of the site

from the above two points four blog website analysis, Claus network ( and believe in doing optimization and promotion, we update the website or when the first focus on the contents of the site to do! Second is as far as possible the high quality the chain, to do it is not wide, the chain of correlation bound. In this paper, and the letter of the original experience sharing, A5 starting. Welcome to exchange

now and, Tianya bad hair of the chain, but because the first blog is in 09 years that would send a lot of time doing this, friends should have experience. This site has many links such return. Correlation of time effectiveness with the site, the station is outside the chain is not much but very high quality and stability.

effect! The first is to update the