How to deal with the analysis of website right down the search engine

if you have not experienced the site is down right or be K cup, you can say that you are not a real dragon in Shanghai er. Webmasters may have encountered such a depressed so that it can clearly, what you are doing when we haven’t done in violation of the provisions of Shanghai dragon search engine it is right to be reduced. If the site is down the right, owners also do not analyze the real reason right down to it, then wait for the end of May is the webmaster site is K off the front page is K off. I suggest you here in the webmaster, when the site is down right, should be timely to do a site inspection. The site is down right there are two reasons why not own is the other sites involved. If your site is down right, should first check to start from their own, what if there is no problem to check the external reasons, this is likely to be in the Links or other problems in the chain. Then we how to check

1  first check your site



is right down the site is bad Links involved. But most of these bad sites using informal means to improve website ranking, and search engine drop right or be K off, if you link to the poor site, so your site will also be linked to the. So, the work Links examination is important, you should check your Links site, if there is a problem with the site immediately removed, so how do you check Links? The first snapshot, snapshot is a symbol of a website is friendly, the second is the chain, you need to check whether they are outside the chain in steady growth, rather than on the current. Third check chain content, check whether the contents of a chain involving pornography, gambling, if any, please.

2  check your Links

site inspection must be done carefully, because because you may inadvertently lead to site K. What do the word check should start from what aspects? First, the website loading speed, bounce rate loading speed effect on the site and whether the normal operation of. A site if the loading time of more than half a minute, then this site in the rankings, the weights are included, not high. Second is the code, whether you are on the site of recent large-scale code changes, and if so, it will affect the weight of your site, because if you do the same time scale to modify the code words, search engine spiders to your site to recognize to climb. Third, your site is dark chain or is linked to the horse, that is fatal. Once your site is search engine found hidden chain or hanging the Trojan, your site will hours from search engines. So you have to carefully check, found wrong place immediately, otherwise the final injury will be your own.

3  check the website.

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