On August 27th Shanghai included a massive decline in the love


2, Site query syntax to estimate value, the accuracy is limited, please love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index data as the standard tool.

dear Webmaster:

content: www.cdsk120贵族宝贝

does not exist the so-called massive "K station", please friends at ease;

nearly two part of the site site to query the data reduction problem, we have to follow in an emergency, please wait patiently for the webmaster. At the same time to clarify the following two problems:

reads as follows Chengdu Shen Kang Hospital Epilepsy

pictured above, micro-blog official also explains, there is no large-scale K station, this you can rest assured. After the two times the data error, to tell the webmaster friends, when the data is abnormal, the first to be calm, don’t be nervous, calm and reason analysis. If you can not find the problem, don’t panic, wait and see first love Shanghai has no further action. So as not to cause the incident, most of the time, this is not wrong, a change, love Shanghai back to normal, but the wrong cause K station. In the daily operation of the website, only to do themselves, to withstand strong wind and big waves.

in August, and is a terrified of Shanghai dragon Er ah, love Shanghai two times the data error, do not know how many people frightened. I have been thinking about the beginning of what the problem is, the old want to do not understand, my heart ah. This day Shanghai Zhongtian circular, said site syntax error.

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