Love Shanghai intensify efforts to deal with the soft cheating sites further clean up on medical sof

The typical sample content of soft


in order to maintain the high quality of the site and search engine user interests, we have begun to focus on handling soft cheating sites, reduce the evaluation in the search engine of this kind of website, and will belong to the news source site cleared the love Shanghai news source. Remind of this problem of the station as soon as possible to clean up the garbage content within the site, and through the Webmaster Platform tool chain submitted to delete.

The announcement is as follows:

A5 station network November 17th news today, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement, said love Shanghai intensify efforts to deal with soft cheating sites. After Shanghai had issued 2 love algorithm of low quality green garbage outside the chain, the obvious promotion of soft clean, a large number of violations of the website was reduced evaluation algorithm. The love of Shanghai’s latest announcement stressed will increase on the soft cheating phenomenon, especially the medical soft spread, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform enumerates two related cases: one is the news portal website released a large number of there is no correlation between the medical soft, two is the number of specialist hospital website keyword stuffing through a large number of low soft matter. We can see that these two kinds of soft cheating love Shanghai in the future will intensify the crackdown. A5 webmaster remind the webmaster and enterprise website, the high quality of soft Wen is still the effective way of promotion, but the soft cheating can only bring negative effects to the site. To improve the quality of website content and user experience to do a reasonable Shanghai dragon is the right way.


love Shanghai web search quality team recently found that part of the site is cheating serious soft, especially medical soft flooding, these sites in the website news is the most serious problem. The garbage soft Wen serious damage to the search engine user experience, high-quality resources and will occupy the corresponding fields of interest, breach of Scindapsus algorithm 2 (贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/191).

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