How to take the match strength to optimize the site

      in Taijiquan, emphasis on leveraging the power of the so-called "42 pounds", "weak strong victory". If you use this truth to Shanghai dragon optimization, also will receive unexpected results. The application of several "Tai Chi" theory in website optimization, hope can guide you can "borrow" optimization experience to the site:

      as a webmaster, you know, if the site of the chain construction is not done well, the influence of the rankings is great. At this time, to analysis the advantages and disadvantages of external links, for example, can be used.

      distribution of keywords and description about the problems such as the website, there are likely to be confused, even can not find a breakthrough point, then, this time, you can consider rival keywords, in comparison, look at the key competitors such as description and distribution, and then select the keywords with your own web page, with reference to the practices of competitors, the keywords into and then make a better description, to improve to enhance their own words, this will be a solid foundation for the development of the day after the next.

      Web page layout, like the human face, face beautiful, natural and attractive, like martial arts, are from the solid foundation, and then slowly practice to master, so the layout of the site is very important, if the site layout is not ideal, so that a search engine for you the site of interest will be reduced, the website ranking naturally does not come up, no ranking advantage, there will be no with power and right against the others, therefore, should be good at carefully analyze the opponent’s website layout, absorb and make use of the advantages and disadvantages of their advantage, draw lessons they don’t, then will optimize your site, to analyze its deficiencies, and discard the bad Yang, it will slowly increase website traffic.

      three, by internal links to improve to enhance their opponents.

      two, by competitors to improve their description keywords.

      Web site layout is very good, and the key words are very reasonable, but why the ranking is not to go to? So, the reason may be the internal chain optimization. At this time, it is necessary to analyze the merits of the opponent, chain, and enhance the internal links distribution to improve their own site, so as to enhance the visibility of the site and friendly.

      four, by opponents of external links to improve to enhance their own.

      and by competitors of the page layout to improve to enhance their own advantage.

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