Shanghai Longfeng beginners will learn the skills and allows you to quickly grasp

as I mentioned earlier, research on the self Shanghai Longfeng the best teacher is the experience of their predecessors and their. See a lot of training institutions in Shanghai Longfeng online, many users are thinking of teaching learning. Here I suggest you, don’t believe the Shanghai dragon training institutions, because I know too much about the training institutions, when I just started to understand the training institutions, when I asked the Shanghai dragon teacher training institutions: how to set the PHP code keywords? His answer is, Shanghai dragon does not need to understand the code at that time, I completely Speechless. Even the representative didn’t know how to do a site optimization. Since then I no longer believe in training institutions.


beginners are very confused, can not find an entrance, there are a lot of sex in Shanghai keywords ranking, a few months did not have any effect on giving up. I’ll give you a few tips for getting started now, Shanghai Longfeng employees know the ranking algorithm love Shanghai keywords often change your home page ranking probably because some posts outside the chain was removed today, weight or the chain site is K off to the site. Beginners do not propose to optimize love Shanghai ranking, you can choose some easy ranking search >

Shanghai dragon is not required required too much, as long as your writing is not bad, you can learn. Of course if you want to become a master that the words of the master has become a solid foundation, to understand the code and marketing skills. Shanghai dragon teacher is more adept in the master’s work experience, the author fully comprehend. Operation research of search engine algorithms and rules. Through self-study experience you will gradually learn to.

Shanghai Longfeng novice ?

when I just contact Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon feel very mysterious. So curiosity, began to understand the industry. On the Internet looking for some materials, see some of the cases that Shanghai dragon also does not have what good schools, is advertising a promotion. Hold not willing heart, you can do to get a popular keywords in love sea ranking, then opened several blogs every day to publicize after several months Google has included the Shanghai love. Feel is already a standard Shanghai dragon er. When I go to work, go to the interview every time out. It realized everything I do is only to promote the superficial, the original Shanghai dragon is not so simple, here are some of my personal experience to share

How should

think don’t believe the Shanghai dragon training institutions

just for the entry of Shanghai dragon Er often asked such questions, there is the prospect of Shanghai dragon? Do Shanghai dragon can self-study?. For these problems I can only tell you, no matter what is promising, the problem is that after you learn how to make the performance well to get the same reward.

novice entry

Some problems of Shanghai dragon

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