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here to introduce the difference between micro-blog and Shanghai dragon, it is this difference that makes the best complementary relationship. Shanghai dragon only the keywords ranking do go up, but not the traffic is difficult to accumulate, at least. To give you an example, if we can get a flow of accumulated as a case, it is a river of water, a DC, not a keyword ranking, there is no traffic to our site. What is the accumulation, accumulation that we dig a water flow in the reservoir, although will flow out, but at least we inside the water more and more. The larger user groups said our reservoir is bigger, even if the search engine of our web site keywords ranking drop right. We have water in the reservoir, we do not have to worry about not in front of water flow in which dry site. Take a simple example, when Shanghai dragon WHY was also K many times, but in fact even fallen in love with the sea K, the impact is not particularly large. Because there is a fixed group of users will be on the Shanghai dragon WHY, Longfeng reservoir in Shanghai WHY forum these fixed meeting is Shanghai dragon WHY, in fact, speaking in front of Shanghai dragon and micro-blog is a complementary relationship, the complementary is Shanghai dragon can bring traffic flow, it is difficult to retain. On the contrary a grassroots micro-blog, micro-blog can not bring traffic, but can accumulate.

a web site keywords ranking factors too much, do not know what we think is a little effect of Web site keywords ranking the most important? It may be said that is outside the chain, some people would say is, some people will say is the promotion and so on. So my answer is the title writes, between website and website competition is the biggest advantage of more users who, who takes advantage of. Maybe you are not aware of this situation for a small website, this website in special attention. For example, micro-blog, Sina and micro-blog users are now more than 300 million, more than 400 million users of Tencent. You see these big website special value this number of users, in the fight between them is the number of users who will cattle.

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but you may care about this small site is relatively small, in fact, used in small and medium-sized Web site is also very suitable. Especially some small and medium-sized enterprise website, believe that few people will go to figure out my website how many users. Because of this fundamental calculation, now the business sites are not registered, so there is no way to calculate. Although we can not calculate, actually search engine is calculated, it is by how much to your website users, the number of return rate, the number of daily visits to calculate your site users group. But the most important point in ranking factors is more user groups who, even apart from the search engines do not say. Stand in the sales point of view, the number of user I more than you do, it must be I have an advantage. In fact, we should go to find a way to calculate our website user groups, the author in this aspect is puzzling for a long time. Finally in this respect or progress, is to use micro-blog to build their own websites and computing user groups.

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