TAG label to optimize user experience and what benefits

through this I believe we all understand this classification is a classification method to extract the keywords, we just give some articles to him with a label, bring great convenience that will give us our visitors, by the following analysis:

2, search engine optimization: our common methods and means of optimization optimization, but tend to ignore the label, I think this is a very common part of Shanghai dragon Er, the search engine is constantly updating algorithm, in fact the ultimate aim is to provide users with more high-quality user experience, which is a label one of the very important user experience, natural search engine user experience as one of the standard, through our testing, the label included sometimes than your content included more quickly, because it means that you will stand to bring customers more good experience, so we are doing as much as possible to optimize the tag tag into account.

is a virtual label classification with a popular saying, classification can also be understood as a "sensibility", we often listen to music in the fall in love with the sea, we look at the following chart:

tag tag in each big web sites are very common, and we are here today to discuss this topic because we see in many enterprises or small website is not much, maybe there are a lot of people on the tag label is not very understanding, but is also a lot of time I have ignored the importance, we now analyze what is the tag tag and tag tag will bring what benefits to our

Figure ?First of all we can see is what

tag tag will bring many benefits to us, so we should be used as far as possible, both from experience optimization or user >

1, the user experience: our common many, many web content dense, some will think your station content is very rich, visitors will be very love, but is this really the case? When we more web content more abundant, classification is very important, we will of course navigation classification limited, we can not make a list of all the classification, in fact on a content rich website may have a variety of N fine classification, then we give these articles with tag tags is very important, when our customers come in first sight can not find what he needs, very likely the loss of customers, so our goal is to make our customers the most easily, the most simple, the most quickly find what he needs.

3, station management: this should also be considered a recessive management, when the station when there is a large amount of data, we can use the label to analyze the user’s browsing habits, hobbies and orientation of the user, thus we can force the one hand, to provide better readability of the data, thus improve the user viscosity.


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