The factors affect the ranking in the popularity ranking in the baby

. If a product will repeat purchase of many members during the course of a month, which means that the effect is very good after the goods used by the user, the user experience is very good, Taobao will also consider this given points.

taobao贵族宝贝 search results show that there are 2 main ways of sorting, one is the default of all goods sorting, another is sorted. Although the general search results ranking is a list of all goods, but there are a lot of users will choose sorted, sorted because they show more superiority of goods. The seller is Taobao so as to consider how to let the baby should occupy a more favorable position in the popularity rankings.

above the 5 points is the main influence factors of baby popularity ranking. Another point is to point out that not all goods are qualified to participate in the popular qualification, if your goods or goods you have set the parameters does not conform to the rules of the Taobao, 5 points above that you do no good no ranking. Let the goods get information > ranking

5, other than the main factors. For example: Alipay usage, whether or not to join the consumer protection, all kinds of baby score, score of views, the seller will also have an impact on the popularity ranking.

trading volume. Taobao will also refer to the commodity trading volume and transaction order number, time is generally 30 days of data as a reference, so to my baby can have a good position in the popularity ranking, the first consideration is how to improve the sales of goods. Some promotional activities you can give you ready to promote products, enhance product sales, but also let the products have better performance in popularity rankings.


and the default collation of all goods is different, and not popular following frame time and window is recommended as the main factors, but decided by dozens of factors, it is also because many decision factors, we need to spend more energy to do this thing, when you do, the rewards are great.

4, repeat

2, the conversion rate of

. The conversion rate shows that the goods and the goods you appeal of the page, if the conversion rate is high, the goods you have good competitive in the industry, Taobao is the search ranking will be closer to the top. To improve the conversion rate of what you need to do is to make the page design more user-friendly and beautiful, commodity parameters to introduce more detailed, and don’t forget to some wonderful comments, the conversion rate of improvement is a good help.

3, the amount of collection. The amount of collection of goods to the popularity of this baby out from the side of the reaction, although this is can brush, but Taobao is very much, we need to do.

here to list the main factors that influence the popularity ranking, if you can do the following work, greatly enhance the baby in the popularity ranking ranking:

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