Telephone support service Google test for the AdSense Publishers

The Larry Page

to watch the 2011 shareholders conference (on the AdSense issue appeared in 1 hours and 9 minutes at:

of course, now I do not know whether Jingdezhen will launch the service will be synchronized with the United States, also not necessarily noble baby will provide phone support services for all publishers, maybe only some big website.


in the noble baby shareholders 2011 conference, there are questions on the issue of people. Larry Page also agreed that they really need to improve and the webmaster communication channels, Susan said they are for advertisers and publishers test phone support services in the next quarter we can communicate by telephone and noble baby.

in charge of the advertising product Susan Wojcicki with SEL confirmed that noble baby is testing service phone support for AdSense publishers. That is to say, after the webmaster website AdSense is the baby does not comply with the policy of confirming the existence of problems not because nowhere close, webmaster complaints to die, do not have any posting on the Internet offering, not to take the camera to the headquarters to discuss that the noble baby, call directly to support.


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