Do the most taboo optimization mentality what


site (Shanghai Phoenix) is the most taboo: huangbuzelu.

for yourself!2,

because I work in the network company, the optimization work is engaged in Huaihua enterprise website, many enterprise website as long as Baidu aunt will have more or less by the website K, so K stood for me is a homely food. The station is right down many times. But I still insist on. Insist on doing what they think is right, insist that I do is not only to others, but also insist on

put in a few years ago, the new website seconds is definitely not a miracle, 10 home is definitely not the myth of heaven. As long as you have the money as long as you have people can do. However, in love now, extend the Shanghai review time, the construction of the chain cautious, difficult to write original content. Personally feel that what the "insect marketing assistant" for our Shanghai dragon no, don’t be self proclaimed God Forum irrigation to flicker. Practical work hard, do the "optimization" is the right way. Those tools and spoil things by excessive enthusiasm is best not to use unorthodox method. So love can not guarantee that Shanghai must not K your website, but I believe that under your love probability of sea K site is much smaller, otherwise Providence will not forgive! Just like see94 often say: the attitude is more important than technology;

site (Shanghai dragon) the most taboo is: give up halfway.

贵族宝贝 94贵族宝贝/youhua/huaihua- (the original address of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon 94-j>


3, do the most taboo is: quick.


site is down right, pull hair, or even K station when many webmaster is very worried for recovery method, which I do not know if you can not find the root cause of the network the solution is only a palliative. Encountered such problems still really suggest webmaster from the following aspects: A, use Adsense tools to check the chain, Links, keyword density, black chain chain, check analysis etc.. Especially in the chain of the chain is not easy to find. B, enter the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform understanding algorithm and dynamic update, the latest submission of dead links, refused to check the website evil chain, health and other related data. Especially the space stability of website is not easy to detect. C, analysis of website content quality, whether the nature is judged to be Shanghai to crack down on the content of love. This is the most easily overlooked is that the title of the party, some love to attract clicks but with the article expressed inconsistent title. Other medical pornography can’t, understand this.

has a lot of Shanghai Dragon Master said, website optimization is the most important mentality, the mentality is invisible things, need what kind of mentality? In Shanghai Longfeng work the most taboo what state of mind? How to avoid the bad mood affect our decision?

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