Add love Shanghai love button within 24 hours after Shanghai love to share

love Shanghai love button is not a small scale test. Before there have been tangled love Shanghai love button is a small range of test, the small range shows that more people love Shanghai selected seed site test, but after Liu village of Shanghai Longfeng personally measured, as long as it is added to love Shanghai code sharing website page is to love love love Shanghai button. Shanghai love button is not small, but can have.

is only with diagonal URL display love Shanghai love button. Guo Liucun blog is No. 15, nearly 11 points add love Shanghai share code, today 10 points to open the computer to see this button has appeared. You can see through the web site, with a slash will appear, with no slashes URL and do not have this button. There should be a technical treatment for URL. BUG love Shanghai with a slash, probably affected external links, because before Shanghai dragon why Forum on the popular keyword ranking in Shanghai dragon also appeared with a slash URL at the same time ranking phenomenon.

This is Guo Liucun

Guo was retained a personal blog, the original address: Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝 /146.html, please indicate the source.


blog to do the test third times, the first two are the love Shanghai 301 redirect pro test, robots file screen love Shanghai spider test, are pro test, circulated on the Internet a lot of theories have some subversion, so Shanghai dragon or want to practice their own, pseudo experts online too much, engage in do not be misled.

love Shanghai love buttons with a snapshot update or not Never mind. Add love Shanghai share, find a few places to share 16 times, love Shanghai "button to display the cumulative share of 16 times", and display "16 people in love" snapshot". Yesterday’s article "Guo Liucun blog add love Shanghai share a guess, this love Shanghai love button should be displayed in a web page snapshot update, but snapshot of this blog is still in December 5th, with no new love, love Shanghai show button. So, love Shanghai love buttons with the snapshot is Never mind, as long as add will be displayed.

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