About Google PR updates for the owners in the end is a tragedy

update is not the law, although Google update frequency is relatively small, the number is relatively small, relatively long time, the update many websites from PR2 to PR5, also from PR3 to PR4, PR0 to PR3 and so on, but there are many webmaster said his website is not how optimize. And some are garbage station, was a bit puzzled, but for some optimization webmaster that they suffer from the update PR only increased 1 points. People are a bit depressed, for Google value chain, this practice is somewhat counterintuitive.

2010 has been released, Google stopped the PR upgrade, Google today has been abnormal, 7 points in the evening. It seems that Google on site for the PR website upgrade, many users are on their website, it updates the PR, many websites from PR0 to PR1, 2, 3, 4 and even some 5 straight, this update asked a lot of friends in the stable?. The Google PR or Google exhaust is normal behavior? New two month old domain since PR2 directly from up to PR5, and the site outside the chain is not much, why? Why waste station was also PR

is more than three according to some views the Google PR update, but does not mean that my view is right, only to comment. From the original "www.gztim贵族宝贝" please indicate TIM

analysis: the Google update, yet unable to determine the normal, or the server problems, during the observation period, the wait for tomorrow.

three: the Google PR upgrade is not clear whether it is normal, the number of website update PR, need to wait for the official statement, and for the garbage station PR appreciation, can only say that is the site of the older.


two: Google PR value today is not ideal, the official statement, Google ranking is widely dispersed, and not a PR can judge the weight of the site, although the official statement, but there are still a lot of people have PR look very heavy, apparently can be used for reference, and for the PR update personal view, only for the site of the age of judgment, obviously a lot of old domain name PR update is good, within half a year of domain name or PR2 can break through, or some, analysis on several websites, as long as it good for the PR value is relatively high, but the return chain is not so one thing.

The Google

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