Lin Haoming the A5 forum in Shanghai dragon edition revision details and rules

third: shall publish the abuse and not civilization terminology, malicious attack others or enterprises and institutions of the post.

second: support the original (no less than 300 words and about Shanghai Longfeng experience view), meet the requirements of the original post can be allowed to put a link at the end (must be clear, can be recommended for typesetting) plus set-top essence.

in Lin Haoming blog, please keep the 贵族宝贝linhaoming贵族宝贝/post-111.html

fifth: poster, moderators will be transferred to the advertising section, and to post off treatment, has solved the problem would be to move to solve.

The original Shanghai Longfeng exchange rules:

finally remind the webmaster, the A5 post to abide by the rules, in the Shanghai dragon edition should be obeyed Bangui post.

on Monday straight considering how to do well the A5 forum in Shanghai dragon forum, at present Shanghai Longfeng version is not very fire, but also have many webmaster posting. Whatever the problem is simple or complex, as long as you are a sincere help I will do the ability to help you answer. I hope A5 can make more success webmaster, so I hope I can bring Shanghai dragon edition to help more Adsense. And I believe I can help you, as I teach you.

: the first reprint turn non original shall publish the anchor text links (must be marked with help, can not write the station optimization test). Reprint articles are sent to exchange

today I apply to A5 forum in Shanghai dragon edition classification, hope that this classification can help more Adsense reflect problems. As long as you choose Shanghai, I will turn to problems when you can focus on improving efficiency, solve the question and answer. Therefore I also specially applied for the original, everything truly original original content I will post to make it appropriate points, can share to more webmaster, communicate more step significance. After the Shanghai dragon edition for help if we solve problems will move to has solved the module, if you want to read more questions, remember a lot of attention to the A5 forum has solved the classification of Shanghai dragon edition.

fourth: not malicious, Shuabing, released meaningless posts (the title of the party) or the placard (such as "top" etc.).


today blog propaganda A5 forum Shanghai dragon edition, is to focus on my blog webmaster, if you write original and share the A5 Shanghai Longfeng section, we also want to write a blog, A5 Shanghai dragon edition is also a good communication platform. Hope to always support my blog webmaster will support the A5 version of the Shanghai dragon. If no A5 account can apply for an exchange.

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