Xining City Consumers Association held 09 years of consumption and development the theme of the ann

in order to make this year’s "consumer and development" theme of the campaign in the form of novel content rich, full of sound and colour. In 2009 3 – 15 "International Consumer Rights Day is approaching, Xining City Business Bureau, the city Consumer Association held a 2009" consumer and development "theme and" 3 – 15 "series of activities work conference in February 17th, the area of more than 40 shopping malls, supermarkets, hand machine dealers and other responsible persons and" while two station "president, chief attended the meeting. read more


Xining City Board of education in 2011 the rural primary and secondary school principals teachers

Recently, Xining City Bureau of education will be held to the principals and teachers education training of primary and secondary schools in rural areas in 2011 business forum, Datong County, Huangyuan County, Huangzhong County 30 rural primary and secondary school principals, outstanding teachers, a middle Xining 10 training station responsible for a total of more than 50 people attended the meeting

recently, the Xining City Board of education will be held to the principals and teachers education training of primary and secondary schools in rural areas in 2011 business forum, Datong County, Huangyuan County, Huangzhong County 30 rural primary and secondary school principals, outstanding teachers, a middle Xining 10 training station responsible for a total of more than 50 people attended the forum. At this point, in 2011, Xining rural primary and secondary school principals, teachers, teaching and research work successfully concluded. read more


The first batch of public rental housing allocation yesterday

The long-awaited 2014 Xining first allocation of public rental Yaohao ceremony was held on September 28th, from the four district housing tenants, low income households, through the computer Yaohao system, quickly won the 700 set of public rental lease qualifications. Part of the staff to obtain the qualifications of the lease in the wave of the day was happy to get the key. A machine community low household show fresh life more difficult, long renting, no heat, no water, life is very inconvenient, the access to public rental, she sincerely thank the government for their low income people in low-income housing in terms of priority. The allocation of more humane way of housing security in our city gradually changed from a single low-cost housing to public rental and other types of transformation, and to achieve the public rental housing and low-cost housing, two rooms merger. The first batch of this year allocated 700 units of public rental still adopts the advanced computer Yaohao way, but more humane in the form of distribution, mainly reflected in the following three aspects: one is to reflect the distribution principle of fairness and justice, to determine the distribution of scoring and ranking for order; two is for the convenience of the applicant living conditions. According to the voluntary choice of the way of piecewise partition and allocation of rent Yaohao, severe disability, physical mobility disability or blind personnel in multi-storey residential, in the absence of voluntary, rocking priority housing 1; three is the year of the public rental ratio also has adjusted the proportion the last assignment is 1:2, this year reached 1:1, to ensure that all tenants have a room to live. 700 units of public rental with rent what the city launched 700 units of public rental with rent for social, among them, 500 sets of high-rise residential district Ruihua, located in Nanchuan Road No. 139, the use of centralized heating; and the living area is 200 sets of multi-storey residential, is located in the Qaidam Road No. 135, using household heating, two small floor space, apartment layout compact layout, complete function, economical environment, green and beautiful, supporting facilities. The rent of public rental housing to implement differentiated the city rent in rent to implement differentiated rent collection methods, the rents for the district: Ruihua 10.5 yuan per square meter per month, and the living area 12.25 yuan per square meter per month. In order to improve affordable housing residential environment, at the same time according to the low-income people in affordable housing requirements, on the basis of full investigation, the public rental rent will implement differentiated treatment, namely: the minimum living family rent by the standard rent relief for 80% low-income families, according to the standard rent relief for 60%, rents are charged by the housing construction area.   read more


Xining Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission attaches great importance to the military

After the meeting to mobilize the city’s "military enterprises build a model village" activities, the city population and Family Planning Commission leaders attach importance to the grass-roots level, focusing on research, effective measures, work at the same time a good grasp of the total population in China, to do a good job with the East gap contact point unit of Zhenkang Datong County village twinning work as an important task, give full play to Department of advantages, and actively expand the helping ideas, and carry out twinning activitiesAfter the city of read more


Two departments to carry out safety inspections of fireworks

The Spring Festival is approaching, but also to the fireworks sales season, for the effective prevention of fireworks caused various types of accidents, from the recent City Safety Supervision Bureau will jointly Municipal Public Security Bureau of the city’s 158 engaged in fireworks sales outlets for safety inspection, to ensure that people can buy fireworks qualified.It is reported that the

, inspection will be focused on the points of sale of fireworks is required to set the fire fighting equipment, the existence of illegal sales of fireworks business behavior, store whether to set the safety evacuation channel, whether to establish and improve fire safety management system, whether the norms set up warning signs and protective devices for safety hazards investigation. The afternoon of January 29th, the City Administration held inspections in the province of sundry products limited liability company early mobilization, from the city of four district 90 retail business representatives attended the meeting, will be listed on Public Security Bureau police detachment police informed the typical cases in two causes of sales and transport of false smoke fireworks and sentenced, according to last year the city police, confiscated 8225 illegal fireworks. read more


Seminar on rules for the determination of the price of fire and property loss held in Xining

Tianjin 8.12 explosion so that more people are concerned about the loss of fire and property prices identified. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission Price Certification Center held in Qinghai, "fire and property loss price determination rules" seminar. From 11 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in charge of price certification bodies and representatives attended the meeting.

the "rules" of the formulated specification will be for the future of national price levels of certification bodies to carry out fire damage to property price determination, unified operation methods and standards, and standardize the behavior of fire damage to property price confirmation, provide an institutional guarantee to improve scientific, reasonable and accurate fire damage to property price confirmation, the guaranteed price objective and fair conclusion.   read more


Xining police to strengthen clean government education

in order to further strengthen the police party ideals and beliefs and sense of purpose, political enthusiasm and arouse the enthusiasm of Party members and police officer of entrepreneurship, Xining city traffic police detachment from April to the end of this year, in order to carry out "firm belief, faith, faith" as the core of the clean government education activities in the whole Party police detachment.
is more solid and effective to carry out this activity, the detachment has established a special leading group, responsible for carrying out the activities. And formulated a clean government education activities to implement the program, clear responsibilities and tasks, put forward the work requirements.

read more


Urban sanitation parking lot project construction land approved

recently, concern and support of the municipal and district departments at all levels, development zone, City Sanitation District parking lot construction land for the city planning department approved, in Nanchuan road mill village southeast designated 35 acres of land, land red line has been approved and issued, Chengzhong District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau has started the project the construction of preparatory work. After the completion of the project, the area for the original parking lot dismantling sanitation vehicles caused by vehicle parking, maintenance and enforcement difficult problem will be solved, to promote urban sanitation infrastructure and promote the development of environmental sanitation work play a positive role. read more


Xining 4 public parking lot for the end of the month to suspend without a short stop less long stop

4 parking lot along the provincial road victory as the first treatment object start construction, is expected this month end and put into use.It is reported that

area west of Xinning road to Tongren Road, victory road to 54 street, surrounded by more than 1600 parking areas, as Xining city public temporary parking lot rectification of the first object re planning and construction, is expected to be completed in the first half of next year.   read more